Hamilton is Home

Morton Barristers - Hamilton OfficeIn August, 2017, I moved Morton Barristers back home, to my roots, in Hamilton, Ontario. After becoming a successful lawyer in Nunavut for the last 10 years, and after having gone through significant life changes of my own, I decided it was time to take the experience I have gained with helping the Inuit and use it where it is also needed: home in Hamilton. One of my first projects which I started within two weeks of moving to Hamilton was working with Hamilton Food Share to collect food donations for the community. I look forward to doing much, much more.

Morton Barristers is located at 1031 Main Street East – a location chosen to be in one of Hamilton’s most upcoming and exciting communities, just opposite Gage Park. It is also listed on the “Historic Hamilton” webpage. Our location used to be a hair salon, but we are currently working with a professional architect to have this location transformed into a welcoming law firm so that you can feel at home too.

We are bringing 1031 Main Street East back to its roots, too, by restoring the premises, both upstairs and downstairs, in Edwardian design.